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Create an inclusive culture where everyone can win

Shape global leaders, empower multicultural employees and enhance collaborative teams with curated educational experiences, powerful digital content and the tough convos that you need to grow.

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Allyship unveiled: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles on the Journey to Awareness
...pave the way for stronger relationships and more confident allyship
In this Journal, you will explore common obstacles and learn how to overcome them which will increase your confidence as an ally.
Conquer Allyship Challenges Now!

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It all starts with a Tough Convo

Our methodology—The DEI Journey—is an adaptable framework founded in cultural neuroscience that takes organizations through four distinct phases to pull inclusivity and diversity into the very DNA of your brand. 


The result? An empowered, more connected  company with inclusive values baked into its procedures and approach. 


Our tools & resources

be a better ally in just 30 days

Rewire your brain with CultureQ: Cultural Competence in 30 Days

unlock your potential with the allyship journal

Allyship Journal

Let's talk solutions

Tough Convos Series

"If Communication is King, Culture is Queen.”

Ciao! Hola! Welcome! I’m Daphne Magna, founder of Tough Convos. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with teams worldwide to create safe spaces where people can share, learn and unlearn by having—you guessed it—tough conversations. 


It’s not simple. It’s definitely not easy. But it’s a reality worth fighting for.

"Daphne is a dynamic and confident speaker, and the insights she shared on our platform are both informative and compelling."

Marianne Wisenthal, Vice President of Content at LifeSpeak

Deepen the conversation

Ready to get uncomfortable to grow?

We’ll help you promote inclusivity and cultural diversity, show up better as an ally and make lasting change in your remote culture.

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