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Over a Decade of Having Tough Convos

we help you Back up your words
with a data driven, inclusive approach
to company culture

Need a leader for  your next Tough Convos? We're here!

We Build

inclusive cultures

To grow as an organization requires coming to terms with some uncomfortable realities.  It requires tough conversations. It requires saying and hearing things that may make you uncomfortable.  These conversations are necessary, but difficult to initiate.

The conversations around inclusion and the purpose of allyship are here to stay, and businesses that want to create innovative and sustainable cultures need to rise to the occasion.


Doing the deeper work can be overwhelming.

You know more needs to be done, but you don’t want to waste company time or money on the wrong next step.


We’ll help you turn DEI implementation from a checklist item to a core part of your brand values and the way your company operates at every level.



Every company is on a different step in its DEI journey. Choose a standalone service or work with our team to incorporate several into a custom program.

Support Group

Tough Convos DEI Experience

Create a safe space for aha moments through a custom online experience focused on how to weave or implement inclusive principles into your company culture. We’ll dig into topics like:

  • Improving allyship to build more effective and collaborative teams

  • Using inclusive leadership to change company culture

  • How to apply the principles of cultural intelligence in the workplace 

  • and more!

Series length is adjustable based on your needs, audience size, and objectives.

Team Building Trainings and Workshops

Develop your cultural intelligence and cultural communication techniques through training and workshops focusing on: 

  • Building rapport from the top-down across departments

  • Promoting communication through problem-solving

  • Learning to engage more effectively with a diverse team

Team Meeting
Leadership Presentation

Inclusive Leadership Development

Building more inclusive cultures requires robust and informed leadership. We’ll work with your management and executive team to:  

  • Align themselves to the new company direction and culture

  • Develop new ways of engaging with diverse team members

  • Make inclusive leadership naturally a part of their leadership style

DEI Strategy and Brand Alignment

A more inclusive future for your business starts here. We’ll help you integrate DEI strategies into the core of your company through:

  • Audit of current culture and brand values

  • Creation and implementation of new objectives, procedures, and policies

  • Executive and management coaching to get everyone on the same page

UX Design Team
Man Using a Tablet

Digital DEI Content

Keep the conversation going through content that encourages your employees to learn, share and reflect on how their personal DEI journey is shaping their world of work and relationships:  

  • Instructional video series, digital workbooks, and course outlines

  • Company manuals and codes of conduct

  • Positioning papers, articles, and other campaign materials


Building better allies

THE CLIENT: A top-five telecommunications firm

THE GOAL: To bridge the gap between leadership and Black employees through difficult conversations and learning experiences


  • Hosted a four-part Tough Convos series covering immediate concerns, company goals, and crowd-sourcing ideas

  • Facilitated a more intimate series for Black employees to create a safe space to share experiences and determine company focus, developing power skills

  • Collaborated with HR and D&I to create a top-down strategy, getting the right leaders involved from day one, strengthening leader skills

  • Organized community workshops to discuss progress and future opportunities to improve cultural awareness

our approach


openness to learn

Our ONLY prerequisite

exposure to the unfamiliar

Ignorance is NOT bliss

get uncomfortable

Challenge begets GROWTH

go deep & deliberate

How we build BONDS

the building blocks to your inclusive culture 

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Client experiences

"Daphne Magna worked with LifeSpeak to create a series of micro-learning videos on tackling anti-back racism through action and allyship. Daphne is a dynamic and confident speaker, and the insights she shared on our platform are both informative and compelling. Her videos have resonated deeply with our end users."


Vice President, Content at LIFESPEAK, INC.

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OUr latest release

Ready to get uncomfortable to grow?

We’ll help you promote inclusivity and cultural diversity, show up better as an ally and make lasting change in your remote culture.

Allyship Unveiled: Navigating Obstacles on the Journey to Awareness

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Discover solutions to common challenges hindering your allyship progress and pave the way for stronger relationships

Deepen the conversation

Ready to get uncomfortable to grow?

We’ll help you promote inclusivity and cultural diversity, show up better as an ally and make lasting change in your remote culture.

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