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Allyship Starts Here

Unlock Your Potential with the Allyship Journal

How To Be a Better Ally?

What action?

That’s why the Allyship Journal was born.

You’ve been on a journey of awareness, an allyship journey, and now it's time to reflect and plan. 


Clarify your intentions, identify new found abilities, and outline future goals. You need to know where you’re at so you know what actions to take next.


Let the Allyship Journal be your comprehensive, thought provoking guide

on your personal journey this year. 

Tough conversations push you to grow and find more of yourself and others to love.

So start a tough convo with yourself.

Provoking Question

Thought provoking questions

That prompt you to explore the false information and biases holding you back from undersatnding and growth.

Actionable Steps

Attainable actionable steps

As you work through the material you reveal the ways that work for you to put allyship to work.

Better Ally

Start now to be a better ally 

Gain insight, broaden your perspective, and take action toward creating a more inclusive and equitable world. Let the journal be your guide toward becoming a more effective ally.

This is what the Allyship Journal looks like

Allyship Journal
Coba #6 Inspect
Allyship Thoughts

People who love our content

MARIANNE Wisenthal, Director of Content, Lifespeak

Daphne Magna worked with LifeSpeak to create a series of micro-learning videos on tackling anti-back racism through action and allyship. Daphne is a dynamic and confident speaker, and the insights she shared on our platform are both informative and compelling. Her videos have resonated deeply with our end users.


Daphne is an incredibly talented speaker—professional and detail-oriented. The feedback from my attendees was extremely positive. She led a fantastic Q&A session at the end of her presentation, where every single attendee felt they were in a safe and supportive environment to learn. From the time I met her, I knew I had to have her speak at my Women in Business Conference. Thank you, Daphne, for making a big impact on my community of female entrepreneurs.

Tough Convos creates safe and brave spaces to learn, unlearn and relearn. 


We are a DEI platform run by multicultural and multilingual thought leaders who believe that inclusive cultures don't happen by accident.  We are focused on building your cultural intelligence and shaping inclusive company cultures through educational experiences and thought provoking content.


We create spaces where everyone feels safe to show up, is willing to learn and eager to be accountable. 

It all starts by having tough conversations that expose biases, raise awareness, and cultivate strong bonds within your team.  


We plant the equality, anti-racism, allyship seed and you water it.

Daphne Magna
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