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I’ve worked on becoming an ally, but I’m not sure what to do now…

What is Tough Convos?

A safe space for allies of the Black Community to come together to listen, learn, and be willing to have the tough conversations needed to create real change.

A place for people who believe in equality, in standing up against anti-black racism, in fighting for justice for all races, and who want to be a part of the solution.

A home for those who lead with the heart, strategize with the head, and use their privilege in power, position or voice to remove the shackles their forefathers left behind.



Because you want to be anti-racist

Because you're tired of hearing, seeing and feeling the pain of your friends, family and loved ones.

Because you know it's wrong, you want to do something about it, but you don't know how best to help.

Because you care enough to stretch yourself and have uncomfortable conversations in order to make lasting change. 

And because we're all human, we're all equal, and human rights really is a thing.

Tough Convos


Listen, learn and create solutions in a candid, guided conversation to uncover the ways you can be more vocal and effective.

No blame, no excuses, just real talk, real emotions, real steps to change.

Become a true Ally to the Black folks you care deeply about.

Join our monthly conversations, NOW is the time to show up together.


Upcoming Convos


FIRST HAND experiences


KIRA, Founder

The business owners walked away from this virtual presentation with a deeper understanding of their role in building an anti-racist business and what type of change they can create in their communities.

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ZAYNA, Image Strategist

Being in these conversations is an invaluable experience. The combo of organic and moderated conversation allows you to leave more educated, with new perspectives. It's the perfect place to learn  more and find out how to take action that makes a difference.

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Director of Sales

In Sales you need to understand people, and their motivating factors. Unconscious bias is a real part of decision making. The more I understand how it affects us all, the better person, mother and sales director I become.

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