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I want to be an inclusive leader and make sure our values across the company are aligned…

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What is Tough Convos?

ToughConvos is a platform dedicated to building inclusive company cultures especially while working remote. 


We are here to serve the Black professional and Black ally community by making it safe to have the difficult discussions needed to move along the anti-racist journey of awareness.


We are intimately focused on helping you #showup better as an ally, dismantle barriers and bias, and build a culture based on inclusive values.


All of our solutions are designed to bring awareness, engagement and accountability around anti-black racism through tough conversations and cultured educational experiences

We make DEI work an integral part of your company's brand values and operating procedures. Stop thinking about DEI as an extra thing you need to do, and start breathing it into your work style, so it becomes seamless and natural.

Who & Why



Because you want to be inclusive

Because you're tired of hearing, seeing and feeling the frustration and injustice your friends and colleagues experience.

Because you know it's deeply rooted, you want to do something about it, but you don't know what has the biggest impact.

Because you care enough to stretch yourself, have uncomfortable conversations and take action in order to make lasting change. 

And because we're all human, we're all equal, and EQUITY really is a thing.

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why Have Tough Convos at all?

Our Tough Convo experiences are curated so that you can listen, learn and create solutions in a candid, guided conversation to uncover the ways you can become a more vocal and effective advocate for change.

No blame, no excuses, just real talk, real emotions, real steps to growth.

Become a true Ally to your colleagues and confront workplace issues of equity and inclusion you you care deeply about.

Are you part of the community actually talking about real ish?!

NOW's the time to join us.

Next Convo
July 2024 Tough Convos: Entrepreneur Q&A
July 2024 Tough Convos: Entrepreneur Q&A
Jul 23, 2024, 8:00 PM EDT
Zoom meeting

FIRST HAND experiences


KIRA, Founder

The business owners walked away from this virtual presentation with a deeper understanding of their role in building an anti-racist business and what type of change they can create in their communities.

Zayna headshot.jpeg

ZAYNA, Image Strategist

Being in these conversations is an invaluable experience. The combo of organic and moderated conversation allows you to leave more educated, with new perspectives. It's the perfect place to learn  more and find out how to take action that makes a difference.

jocelyn head shot.jpeg


Director of Sales

In Sales you need to understand people, and their motivating factors. Unconscious bias is a real part of decision making. The more I understand how it affects us all, the better person, mother and sales director I become.

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