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We create conscious
spaces to learn, unlearn
and relearn.

Tough Convos is a Black Canadian and woman-owned platform run by multicultural and multilingual thought leaders. We believe that inclusive cultures don't happen by accident. Creating a space where everyone feels safe to show up takes a willingness to learn and accountability. And it all starts by having tough conversations that expose biases, raise awareness, and form strong bonds within your team.

You're not alone on this journey. Let's get to work.

Daphne Magna
Founder, Tough Convos

“I believe that cultural Intelligence is a superpower.”

Hola! Ciao! Welcome!

I'm Daphne Magna, the force behind Tough Convos.

I'm not your typical management consultant—I'm all about crafting inclusive cultures and nurturing inclusive leaders through transformative content and experiences. Call me an educator, because my mission, both in life and in business, is centered around deepening our understanding of ourselves and each other, no matter where we're from.

My journey began with a fiery family story—my white Italian mom was kicked out for loving my Black St. Lucian dad. Growing up I lived and breathed many forms of racism, whether a teen being called negre in France or a career woman being denied opportunities.

Those experiences ignited my lifelong quest to bridge divides through exposure, communication, and empathy. I've since intentionally carved out a career that challenges the norms through curated content, education, activism, and corporate responsibility. 

At Tough Convos, we're on a multi-faceted mission. We focus deeply on building cultural intelligence, addressing diversity and inclusion, and honing communication skills that will help all of us live and work with more integrity and equity.

Tough Convos is the culmination of 20 years of work advocating for human rights, creating safe spaces for tough conversations, challenging ingrained biases, and nurturing inclusive mindsets. My intention has always been to create a world where my son isn't afraid to talk to strangers, where differences spark innovation, and where freedoms to move, think, believe and grow are an inalienable right for everyone, everywhere

I won't lie—it's no walk in the park. But hey, they say the grander the goal, the sweeter the victory. And I'm all in for making it happen, one tough convo at a time.


One love.


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Daphne's Why
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We’re shaping a future where DEI is a part of our DNA.

Cultural Intelligence

We aim to raise the collective consciousness one convo at a time.


We take every opportunity we can to learn from each other.


We recognize that truth is built on individual experiences.


We are willing to own our actions and confront the uncomfortable situations in life.

TC Numbers


Hosted 30+ Tough Convos

for fortune 500's, academic institutions and startups on building inclusive cultures, improving allyship & tackling racism at work

Published over 150+ articles

on Black history, culture and experience, on tools like allyship and cultural intelligence & on DEI principles and strategies for the workplace 

Touched 8,000+ executives, people leaders, students and entrepreneurs

With online workshops, live Q&A's and team  trainings 

You're in


good company


Concerned citizens, coaches, speakers, educators and parents who are multicultural and who understand the biases and privileges on both sides of racism because we've experienced it first hand, studied it, and fought for it our entire lives.

Would you like to collaborate or be featured
on a Tough Convo?

Connect with us here as we interview interesting folks in our community and collaborate with other DEI professionals to create and deliver stellar educational content

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