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Why you?

Daphne Magna
Founder, Tough Convos

"If Communication is King, Culture is Queen."

Ciao! Hola! Welcome! I’m Daphne Magna, founder of Tough Convos.


I am a Management Consultant focused on building Inclusive cultures and supporting inclusive leaders by creating content and experiences that transform people. I consider myself an Educator, because everything I do in life and in business is aimed at improving our understanding of ourselves and others across the world. 


My story begins with my white Italian mother being kicked out of the house for loving my Black St. Lucian father. I was born into the fire of racism and cultural difference. It’s been my life’s work to figure out how to build deeper bonds between people through exposure, communication and understanding. 


At 13 while in France, a 7 year old French boy called me “negre”, and it further solidified that we had a LONG way to go. I have intentionally built a career that allowed me to challenge the social, political and corporate status quo through performing arts, education reform, activism and corporate social responsibility. 


The purpose of our work at Tough Convos is plenty fold. We focus on human rights, diversity & inclusion, and communication skills in order to build a world where my son is not afraid to talk to strangers; where differences are celebrated and capitalized on for innovation;

where the future is bright for anyone who helps the majority live better lives; and where freedom to move, think, believe and grow is an inalienable right for all, and a reality everywhere.


Tough Convos is an extension of the 15 years of work creating safe spaces where people can share, learn and unlearn by having tough conversations, challenging the way people think and the false data that gets in the way of our progress, and building up inclusive leaders in every silo of society so together as a united front we can win the war against ourselves - division of race, class and superiority.


I know it's not simple, and definitely not easy. But if I remember correctly, ease is a frame of mind, and the grander the ideal the more likely we’ll achieve it.


One love.


Who we are


Black woman owned, multicultural & multilingual thought leaders & global citizens


Custom content creators specializing in experiential learning, workshops, culture codes & best practices


Focused on top-down behavioural & cultural change via brand values & org culture alignment

Jason Burke

Founder, Snkrbox






Concerned citizens, coaches, speakers, educators and parents who are multicultural, biracial and who understand the biases and privileges on both sides of racism because we've experienced it first hand, studied it, and fought for it our entire lives. 

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Jason Burke

Founder, Snkrbox



Quinton Jacobs

Ambassador & Coach,



Peter-John Kerr

Founder, First Time Father


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