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Need a leader for your Tough Convo?

See how we get you to GROW!

To grow  as an organization requires coming to terms with some uncomfortable realities.  It requires tough conversations. It requires saying and hearing things that may make you uncomfortable.  These conversations are necessary, but difficult to initiate.




We are convo pros.

We will host, moderate, guide and create a space conducive to talking deeply about the issues your team or leadership face right now, when it's most important, and determine how to move forward.


We are brand reinventors. 

Cultured messages rule with impact. We take your brand, its core values, make it rise from the ashes and embolden it with cultural wisdom. Whether your code of conduct or your brand pillars, values are what we make inclusive.


We are team builders 

& teams need tools.

Once you've shed light on the challenges, the needs and gained clarity on the direction of your team, our customized learning experiences will better equip you to resolve those same challenges and reshape your culture.

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Executive diversity strategy

That’s where Tough Convos comes in. We facilitate and guide discussions  to help teams develop a better understanding of the  multiple cultures within the organization. 

Are you looking for...



openness to learn

Our ONLY prerequisite

exposure to the unfamiliar

Ignorance is NOT bliss

get uncomfortable

Challenge begets GROWTH

go deep & deliberate

How we build BONDS

We work to develop  cultural intelligence in order to foster a company culture  based on understanding, empathy, and allyship. We want to have  deep conversations about the things people don't want to say. 


Let's talk!

Custom Convo


Before meeting Daphne, I was in the process of planning a retreat and creating a safe space for 15+ business owners to discuss how to build an anti-racist business... but I knew I couldn't do it alone. 


When I found Daphne (luckily!), I knew she was the perfect facilitator for this conversation. Not only did Daphne create a space for vulnerability, openness, and zero judgment, she guided us through content that was eye-opening and integral to creating a real change in our businesses. 


During the workshop, the business owners were able to ask all of the questions they may have felt uncomfortable to ask in other settings, and walked away from this virtual presentation with a deeper understanding of their role in building an anti-racist business and what type of change they can create in their communities. 


If you're looking for a workshop series or presenter, I can't recommend Daphne enough. Her powerful presentation skills are coupled perfectly with her warmth and authenticity.

Thank you, Daphne!"

Kira Hug, Founder, The Copywriter Club

Allyship Unveiled: Navigating Obstacles on the Journey to Awareness

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Discover solutions to common challenges hindering your allyship progress and pave the way for stronger relationships

Start Your Allyship Journey: C$19.99 Today, Not C$39.99

Building inclusive cultures is our strength and that's why we focus on  it.  We know you and your team have to get  uncomfortable to grow! 


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