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What Can We Do About the Underrepresentation of Visible Minorities in Stem? in STEM?

If we are working together to find solutions that create real change in institutions and industries known for its bias and racial injustices, we have to dig deep into specific schools of thought and industries that perpetuate racist beliefs and bias in their philosophies and operations. And Science is one of many.

Enabling Visible Minorities
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"Despite substantial investments in programs and initiatives to attract visible minorities to STEM, the numbers remain stark. New ideas and approaches are needed to help visible minorities overcome the challenges they face and grow their much needed participation in STEM disciplines and industries"

The question posed in Diversity Can 's article is, "Could visible minorities overcome the bias challenges at school and work by educating teachers, faculty, and employers on their deep biases and changing the STEM conversations to focus on how science, technology, engineering, and math can be integrated with social responsibility, enabling visible minorities to achieve dual goals?"

I believe the answer is yes, because I have been privy to powerful training that leads to a shift in mindset and behaviour. But there are naysayers, and there are types of training that are futile. However, when educated folks get together and can't seem to find a solution it's usually because they're holding onto a belief or a privilege that they're afraid to lose, that serves them, even if it doesn't serve others. I challenge you to let go of those fears and find better advantages. There are Black professors and leaders in the science community already committed to doing so.

They want to be there, they want to be recognized and they want to thrive. Why shouldn't they? Start with this useful list of resources for Black students in STEM.

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