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What Will It Take to Create Change? Superhero Economics

Sportsmen and women have been leaders, celebrities, role models for decades and now is no different.

But what is different is that they're using their 'privilege', not just as public figures but as a unionized united front to bring awareness to an issue that has plagued the world for centuries, and has now caught ablaze like never seen before. And the Toronto Raptors are leading the way.

We have seen the pros and cons of professional athletes taking a stand, or a knee for that matter. Right now there is a significant advantage that the MLB, NFL or NBA players have, and that is being unionized. While society is marching, protesting, and working relentlessly to create change the grassroots way, with little concrete action taken by those in political or institutional power, professional athletes are able to turn into real heroes because they can twist the arm of their powerful managers and owners, and use their social media platforms as a megaphone of pressure from the people.

Now is the time to use economics to drive change.

Be smart people - hit'em where it hurts.

Support #blackbusiness and boycott brands that don't embody #antiracist values.


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