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Why Are Brand Values Important?

Brand values are essential to improve the credibility of any business or organization, making them viable in the minds of consumers. Studies have shown how much people — including Black people — consider brand values when making purchase decisions. Black people are more swayed than others to a brand’s core values as well as a brand’s commitment to social justice, culture, and diversity.

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Defining and establishing brand values allow organizations to build a community of like-minded individuals who cater to their specific needs and dreams. They also allow them to connect with a specific niche or a wide range of clients depending on their business goals. In addition, brand values that are inclusive and include non-stereotypical messaging can do wonders for a company hoping to attract more diverse audiences.

Do You Know How to Write Brand Values?

Black businessman writing brand values

How should you write brand values?

Brand values are a set of principles that guide each aspect of a business, dictating what the brand image and voice should be while also making sure the brand stands out in a unique yet wholesome way.

Brand values, first and foremost, must be sincere. These values have to reflect how much you care about your audience and what they need or are experiencing and should be communicated in a way that connects to consumers emotionally, so they want to engage with your brand. A company should want its employees to feel passionate about working for/promoting the brand. Great brand values should be distinct, build connections with your audience, and make you more appealing than your competitors. Brands can clearly communicate their values by factoring in things like:

  • Competition

  • Brand story

  • Target audiences

What are Brand Values?

Another major point to consider when defining and establishing brand values is that these values should be meaningful and should not be contradictory. When brands like Nike talk about core values such as being distinctive, innovative, and connective, we can see it in their advertising and feel it in the messaging of their products and athletes. Hence why it’s one of the most successful brands around, driving product sales and motivating young people across the globe. Another good example is American Express, whose brand mission to ‘Provide the world’s best customer experience every day rings true because they are clear about their core values from the beginning. Great service can’t be provided unless employees are fully engaged and feel personally responsible for helping to bring a brand to life, something American Express firmly believes in.

Authentic branding that features diverse talent reflects effective core values, like AT&T’s advertising, which was rated highly for showing diversity without stereotypical messaging involving the Black celebrities it featured.

People can live with their choices as they are informed by values that consistently align with your brand’s overarching vision. Inclusion is one such value as choices are made that satisfy all groups and walks of life.

In a country brand context, Canada positions itself well with many admirable values such as diversity, politeness, and peacefulness, qualities that make this country great. However, hidden characteristics such as covert racism, conservatism, and social justice contradict those values, compromising the brand and leading to questions or conflicting feelings about Canada’s brand.

Brand values must include actionable language like if you said you value integrity, you show how you are willing to do the right things regardless of the scenario. They should also be meaningful phrases that aren’t cliche, such as JetBlue’s statement, ‘To inspire humanity - both in the air and on the ground.’ And, they should be timeless, displaying unwavering consistency.

black businessman personal branding

Personal branding relies on core values to establish identity and beliefs.

What Are My Core Values?

Though values are vital to a brand’s success or failure, your personal core values are even more crucial because they shape your thoughts and actions while foundational to your purpose. These core values ensure that you are on the right track with your approaches, allowing you to represent your brand or the business you’re a part of to the best of your ability.

Identifying personal core values requires an introspective look at personal motivations, goals, and the essential things in life. Similar to brand values, they are the foundation upon which you build your reputation, communication style, and service to others. Once individuals establish core values that they can trust and follow consistently, they tend to choose companies that are aligned with their own values, and as a result, the business thrives as they work more purposefully.

Ideally, your personal values are reflected in your personal brand. Honesty, consistency, and candidness are all factors that play into how authentic and effective your personal brand becomes. For example, as an entrepreneur, your personal values that are reflected in your brand will also be reflected in your decision-making. Core values build brands and ensure organizations have a presence. Similarly, the brand values of a person allow you to develop your unique presence and establish a strong foundation as a personal brand.

How to Create Brand Personality?

Personal values represent what matters most to you and will enable you to stay true to yourself while building a personal brand. The personal brand you create translates your most intuitive beliefs and concepts to the people you interact with as an entrepreneur. Through consistency, being open to feedback and knowing your audience, you will be able to create a relatable personal brand that people will feel they can trust.

Writing a personal brand statement helps you to create that trust with your audience. It should include what you’re willing to do differently, figuring out for whom you love to do things, and having actionable items that make you want to give more than others.

Need to develop strong and inclusive brand values for your organization? Encourage your leadership to plan a Tough Convo today, and let’s make that change!


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