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Ontario Says What We Want to Hear - It’s Taking Bold Action

How bold is bold, is the question. And does saying it, MEAN it's going to happen? That is the question posed by educators and parents of Black students across Ontario. If the action needed to address racism and inequity in school is a true overhaul of the system itself, where do we start?

Well, let's find out what is the Ontario government is doing exactly.

Their announcement on July 9th this year began with strong language and moral fortitude. The four areas they will begin to focus on are suspensions, streaming, discrimination-free classrooms and demographic data. All of which are pieces to the systemic puzzle that needs to be unraveled.

However, there have also been several educated opinions on how well they may do, and how far they still have to go. Considering the underlying racism that plagues all of our institutions, has much to do with the social beliefs and normative thinking that affects educators, policemen, hiring managers and shop owners alike. Will the shift across government agencies actually come to life?

We shall see. Baby steps may be hard to swallow but promising none the less.

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