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The life of Black scientists: Who we are and why we're talking

In general, science is considered an unbiased study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged, typically gained through observation and experimentation. Most scientists consider their work and institutions unbiased, yet history demonstrates how scientific practices have been used to justify systemic racism.

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We are now hearing from Black scientists who have lived in the science community and bore the weight of racial bias, lack of opportunity and visibility. But most importantly, we are now witnessing an affront by Black scientists in the US & Canada and STEM students to demand in a traditionally Eurocentric field that leaders in science step up and solve dire social problems with diverse and innovative perspectives.

Not only has there been much proof over the last few decades denouncing the racist ideologies "pseudo"science has brought forward over the years, there continues to be, unfortunately new racist scientific theories emerging that clearly demonstrate the need for a closer look and a deeper dismantling of the powers in science.

Power be to the truth. Don't believe everything in a science journal. Until there is diversity of perspective and experience considered in science experiments, truth will be one-sided. AI is just one example that 'facts' can also be biased.


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