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What is Snkrbox by Jason Burke & What is Tough Convos?

I'd like to introduce some of the like-minded, instrumental brands I have partnered with to tell the Tough Convos story.

Snkrbox by Jason Burke, creates content for brands, corporations and individuals with a desire to learn about The Black Aesthetic. Currently, while doing his Masters of Inclusive Design at OCAD University, Jason is using his experience overcoming the trauma of being racially profiled by the Toronto Police Services to continue building a career and a brand driven by and focused on addressing social injustice through Art and Expression.

Whereas Tough Convos is a content creator and experiential learning platform for professionals, companies and global organizations focused on becoming more inclusive, diverse and anti-racist.

We believe all progress starts with a tough convo. We are curating these deep, difficult conversations to move the needle by focusing on three key areas of diversity and inclusion; inclusive leadership, anti-black racism and cultural intelligence. We tackle brand values and team building with provocative content and learning experiences that build teams and company culture, so that differences are appreciated and equity is the norm.

Both Snkrbox by Jason Burke and Tough Convos founded by Daphne Magna are dedicated to dismantling cultural barriers and pushing the frontier on equality and human rights. As such, we partner with likeminded brands dedicated to helping us put out messages and content that matter to you, us, and our vision of an inclusive future.

To learn more about our collaboration with DemandJump, and how we bring you the stories, knowledge and inspiration that helps you stay on ahead of the curve on everything Black Aesthetic, inclusive cultures and social justice, subscribe here.


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