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Why Are We Still Saying Her Name?

Because no one has been arrested for her murder yet.

Though the Black community has endured immense loss, pain and hurt these past months, there have been police guilty of brutality arrested, laws scrutinized and changed, and organizations pledging to act now.

This is a global movement, there is significant momentum with many forces coming to head, and YES there is progress being made.

Yet, there is still one particular case making little sense, with no arrests or transparency - and the world wants answers.

As a wise man once said - if the problem is not resolving, you haven’t found the WHY. Here is some clarity on what is actually happening. Separating Facts & Fiction: The Breonna Taylor shooting

Until the police officers, officials, government leaders and laymen who allowed, turned a blind eye, didn't speak up, for self-preservation or personal agenda - whatever the justification, until they are arrested no one is safe in their own homes, justice is a sham, all of our rights to free speech are undermined, and law abiding citizens not in power will continue to be abused.

Photo credit: Family of Breonna Taylor


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